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At Smiles By The Bay Orthodontics, we love the Eastern Shore Region and are committed to supporting and preserving its unique history, culture, and people. We believe it is important to understand our shared history and to honor those who stood for justice in the face of great oppression. That is one of the reasons why we are so proud to support the organization, We Walk with Harriet — A group of local women raising awareness, educating, and empowering others through the life of Civil Rights icon, Harriet Tubman. 

We Walk with Harriet

After picking up a long-forgotten book given to her by her father, We Walk With Harriet founder, Linda Harris, was inspired to learn more about the influential life and legacy of the famous Underground Railroad conductor, Harriet Tubman. Her quest ultimately inspired her to walk the over one-hundred-mile Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway from Cambridge, MD to Kennett Square, PA. Harris was joined by a group of six additional women on the journey and thus, We Walk With Harriet was born. 

“We felt Harriet with us as we walked,” reflected Harris. “We were amazed at how this woman was able to do this, to take on such a journey while being followed by dogs and guns and people who wanted to do her harm.”

Empowered with each passing mile, the women walked nearly 20 miles per day in September 2020 to complete the historic pilgrimage. Walking in the footsteps of Harriet Tubman made two things very clear. The impact of the heroic women and men who fought against the evils of slavery is far-reaching and worth celebrating. And over 170 years later, there is still much work to be done in racial reparations and reconciliation in our country.

Camp Harriet

When they completed their journey in Kennett Square, the group knew that their organization was just getting started. We Walk With Harriet has gained up to 9,000 followers and supporters on Facebook, where they state their mission.

“We are walking because we are the daughters of Harriet Tubman. We are walking because this is our story to tell. We are walking for health, love, and for justice. Harriet gained freedom walking. We walk with Harriet.”

We Walk With Harriet is currently raising funds to open Camp Harriet, a center to promote the legacy of Harriet Tubman through walking, hiking, and music. 

How You Can Help

We Walk with Harriet hopes to raise $10,000 for the construction of Camp Harriet. For more information on We Walk With Harriet or Camp Harriet, contact founder, Linda Harris, at

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