Braces in Annapolis, Kent Island, and Denton

We offer braces for all ages in Annapolis, Kent Island, and Denton. With advanced orthodontic technology, treatment time is typically shorter than with traditional braces, which means fewer appointments and a beautiful smile… faster!


Self-Ligating Braces

In an effort to provide our patients with the very latest in orthodontics, we are proud to offer an all-metal, self-ligating braces system that goes above and beyond to increase patient comfort and reduce overall treatment time while straightening your teeth.

Self-ligating braces represent the latest advances in braces care, featuring brackets made entirely of high-grade stainless steel, making them strong and extremely durable. The brackets also have smoother, more rounded corners to help provide greater comfort for the patient and to appear even less noticeable than normal braces! Our self-ligating braces feature removable positioning gauges to help ensure your orthodontist places the brackets in the perfect position to give you a great-looking smile! If you want a beautiful smile with the least amount of treatment time, please contact us for more information on the latest revolution in self-ligating braces.


Fast Treatment Time

With the self-ligating braces, treatment time is typically shorter than with traditional braces, which means fewer appointments and a beautiful smile… faster!


Clinically Proven

A clinically proven treatment approach that aligns teeth and enhances facial aesthetics – usually without extractions or rapid palatal expanders.


Smiles for a Lifetime

We take into account each patients’ face, profile and other factors, anticipating what patients will look like in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

How Our Braces System Works

The days of having braces tightened are over! Our system uses tie-less brackets that reduce the pressure on your teeth, allowing them to move more comfortably to their correct positions. This innovative approach to orthodontics ensures greater comfort throughout treatment.

Straight teeth and a beautiful smile can enhance self-esteem and self-confidence at any age, plus improve overall oral health. Ask your orthodontist how you can benefit from self-ligating braces. It’s never too late to look and feel great!

  • Extraordinary results for smiles and faces
  • Fast treatment time and few office visits
  • Outstanding comfort with no tightening
  • No headgear or tooth extractions in most cases
  • Easy to keep clean

Gold Braces

We are proud to introduce Gold Braces — a new way to straighten your smile in style, with the durability of stainless steel and the aesthetics of white gold.

What to Know About Wearing Braces

At Smiles By The Bay, we are committed to providing exceptional service and results for each and every one of our patients. That’s why we put together a blog to cover the most common questions about braces, Invisalign, and orthodontic care.

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