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Crowded teeth are one of the most common reasons patients come to Smiles By the Bay looking to get braces. Patients say they don’t like the way their crooked teeth look. Some even try to hide their smile. They want to know, can braces fix crowded teeth? The answer is a resounding YES! 

We love to explain to our new patients how to fix crowded teeth with braces. We also offer the option to fix crowded teeth with Invisalign. We even offer gold braces for crowded teeth. Many patients who schedule a consultation with us discover they also have other dental issues, such as overbite, underbite, crossbite, or gap teeth. Braces and Invisalign can fix these, too! Let’s see how braces and Invisalign can fix overcrowded teeth.

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What Is Tooth Overcrowding?

It’s not hard to figure out that teeth crowding means your teeth are crowded. It often means your teeth come in crooked or out of place. They may be in front of or behind the adjacent teeth or come in sideways. 

Teeth overcrowding can blow self-esteem because patients don’t like the look of their smile. Did you know that teeth overcrowding can cause physical issues, as well? It’s harder to chew properly when your teeth are out of place, which can lead to digestive issues. 

Crowded teeth can also cause you to have speech problems. Your tongue has to hit your teeth a certain way to make certain sounds, such as s, ch, or th. Crooked teeth could make this more difficult, so you may have a slight lisp with crowded teeth. 

How Did I Get Overcrowded Teeth?

There are several ways you could have ended up with mild crowding teeth or even severe crowding teeth. You could have a narrow dental arch, which means the half-circle of your teeth is too narrow to accommodate all your permanent teeth. Baby teeth may fall out too soon, leaving plenty of time for the teeth around the empty space to move into that space. That means the permanent tooth doesn’t have room to come in properly. 

Bad habits can also cause tooth overcrowding, such as thumb-sucking. We strongly encourage parents to stop their children from sucking their thumbs by age 2. You may even have tooth crowding because of genetics. You may have a small jaw or crowded teeth as a family trait. Rest assured; we can fix your overcrowded teeth!

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How Do I Fix Overcrowded Teeth?

We’ve seen all kinds of cases of overcrowded teeth. Some patients have crowded bottom teeth, while others have overcrowding in their top teeth. Some patients have crowded teeth all over their mouths. No matter how severe your tooth crowding may be, we have a solution!

Tooth Crowding and Braces

Smiles By the Bay can repair your crowded teeth with braces. Our LightForce Braces can straighten crowded teeth in less time and with more comfort than traditional metal braces. Our braces are self-ligating braces, which means they don’t have elastics that need changing every few weeks. That means you have fewer office visits and shorter overall treatment times! 

Tooth Crowding and Gold Braces

Put a little bling in your smile with our gold braces option! Our gold braces can fix tooth overcrowding just as well as our stainless steel braces. Our gold braces are just as durable and can move your overcrowded teeth into their proper places. 

Tooth Crowding and Invisalign

The most severe cases will likely need braces, but with milder cases, Invisalign can fix crowded teeth. We offer Invisalign and Invisalign Teen clear aligners to repair dental issues, from crowding to overbites. 

Invisalign has the advantage of being nearly invisible on the teeth, which many patients enjoy. Patients also like that they can be removed for eating, drinking, flossing, and brushing. However, this can be a disadvantage because damaging or losing the clear aligner trays is easier. It’s also easy to forget to wear them for the 22 hours a day necessary for proper treatment. 

Those ready for full compliance will find they can have their teeth fixed in a matter of months with Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. They’re a great alternative to braces! 

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How Do I Pay to Fix Overcrowded Teeth? 

What if you’re ready to fix your teeth crowding but not sure you’re ready for the bill? Don’t worry! Smiles by the Bay is here for you! We start by offering the same prices for braces and Invisalign. We also offer low down payments and flexible monthly payment plans. Our extended payment plans are designed to fit into your budget. We’ll also work with your insurance company to determine what they will cover. 

We also believe in helping our Maryland patients enrolled in the Maryland Healthy Smiles program. We are proud participants in this program, which provides coverage for patients 21 and younger who qualify under the Maryland Healthy Smiles HLD index. 

Fixing Tooth Overcrowding in Annapolis

Patients at Smiles by the Bay find they have many options for fixing their crooked teeth. We service patients in Annapolis, Kent Island, Denton, MD, and the surrounding areas. Are you ready to fix your overcrowded teeth? Schedule a consultation with Smiles by the Bay and let us show you your options!

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