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Braces are made to give you a beautiful, natural smile. But what if your smile isn’t all made of natural teeth? Can you still get braces with veneers? Can you get braces with dental implants? What about crowns? 

Smiles by the Bay has several treatment options for patients of all ages and dental issues, including adult patients with previous dental work. It’s OK if you’ve had previous dental work or missing teeth. We have orthodontic treatment options to meet your needs!

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Can You Get Braces With Missing Teeth?

We’ve had many patients who needed braces but were afraid they couldn’t get them because they had a large gap in their teeth. Often, the gap resulted from missing teeth, either from gum disease, injury, or extraction. 

“Can I get braces if I have missing permanent teeth?” The answer is yes! We have ways to close the gap with braces and give you a straight, beautiful smile, assuming just one missing tooth. If it’s more teeth, we can still treat you with braces or Invisalign, but you may need additional dental work. 

Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants, crowns, or partials. We can also close gaps with veneers, preferably after braces.

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What Are Dental Implants?

Patients who lose teeth may need a dental implant to keep their jawbone healthy. Your jaws are made to hold teeth. When those teeth go missing, your jaw may break down in that area. Dental implants help prevent that. 

A dental implant is a cone-shaped device embedded in the jaw. The device acts like the root of the tooth and allows a false tooth to be screwed into the top. This gives the appearance and function of a normal tooth. 

Dental implants fill gaps left by teeth that have been extracted or fallen out due to injury or gum disease. Dental implants can take several months to become fully embedded in the jaw. 

What Are Crowns?

The crown of the tooth is the upper white part that sits above the gums. Dental crowns are the false tops of teeth that slide over what’s left of the old tooth. 

Crowns often replace teeth damaged by tooth decay, breaks, cracks, or chips. The crown slides over the damaged area and acts like a normal tooth. In many cases, the crown is bonded to the old tooth, although it can also be part of a “partial.” 

A partial is a set of crowns in a line that slide over teeth on either end and provide a crown in an area where the tooth might be missing. 

What Are Veneers?

What if you don’t have one large gap but several small ones? Or perhaps your teeth are discolored, cracked, or broken? Many people repair their teeth with veneers. 

Porcelain veneers and composite veneers are thin shells that are placed on the front of the teeth. These thin shells cover imperfections but can also close small gaps between your teeth. 

Veneers are considered permanent because the front of the tooth’s enamel must be shaved down to make room for the veneer.

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Can I Get Braces With Crowns, Veneers, or Dental Implants?

Is it possible to get braces with previous dental work? It may seem impossible, but Smiles by the Bay has treatment options that can suit your dental needs. What can we do for you? Let’s take a look!

Can I Get Braces With a Crown?

You can get braces if you already have a crown. We can use a special bonding agent for your crown that will not damage it. We can work around your crown and create the smile you’ve always wanted!

Can I Get Braces With Implants? 

Can you get braces with dental implants? They are a bit trickier when it comes to braces treatment. Unlike your normal teeth, dental implants can’t be moved during treatment with braces. 

The good news is that we can still treat your dental issues with braces. While we can’t move the dental implants, we can move the teeth around them. We can still give you an amazing smile with braces, even with dental implants. 

Your dental implants may not be in perfect line with the rest of your teeth after braces. There are ways to improve the appearance of the dental implant tooth. It may just need a new crown screwed into the top of the dental implant. Eventually, you may need a new dental implant. We will let you know your options as part of your treatment plan. 

Can I Get Braces With Veneers? 

As with crowns, it is possible to get braces with veneers. However, we may use a special adhesive for the brackets and special methods to add the brackets to your teeth. 

Another alternative can give you orthodontic treatment without damaging your crowns, dental implants, or veneers.

Invisalign Treatment and Dental Work

There is another option to traditional metal braces when it comes to adult treatment and dental work: Invisalign! The Invisalign clear aligners can slide over crowns, dental implants, and even veneers and move your teeth with gentle pressure, similar to braces.

The difference is that Invisalign trays slide over your teeth, so nothing has to be bonded to them. Invisalign also puts pressure on the entire tooth, not just a specific point on the tooth. This moves them in a way that is easier on your dental work. 

Invisalign treatment isn’t for everyone. We can let you know if it’s for you during your first orthodontic consult. We will also let you know if metal braces would be the better option, even with your previous dental work. 

Adult Braces Treatment in Annapolis, MD

Ideally, you want to wait until after braces treatment or Invisalign treatment before getting dental work such as crowns, dental implants, or veneers. A smile with straightened teeth is still within reach for those who have already had these treatments!

Contact Smiles by the Bay for orthodontic care in Annapolis, MD, Kent Island, MD, or Denton, MD. Let us show you how we can help you get a beautiful new smile!

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