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Few things are as stressful as an unexpected expense. We imagine this scenario has played out many, many times: Mom takes child to the dentist. Dentist says, “I want to refer you to an orthodontist.” Mom’s heart sinks down to her feet. “How am I going to afford braces?”

No one wants to have to choose between a healthy bite and having something to bite on at meal-times. We don’t want that for you, either. That’s why we have developed a couple of strategies for dealing with that stress.

Maryland Healthy Smiles

The first thing we want you to know is that Smiles by the Bay accepts Maryland Healthy Smiles in all of our locations. It is so important us that orthodontic care is accessible to children. Children don’t choose how much their parents make or how their teeth develop, and we want to make sure that they get the care they need.

Same Cost for Braces or Invisalign

Another thing Smiles by the Bay does to make orthodontic care affordable is that we charge the same for braces and Invisalign. Dr. Trahar-Thomas believes parents should be able to make the best choice about their kids’ orthodontic treatment (or their own), without being charged extra for aesthetic choices like Invisalign.

Flexible Payment Options

Finally, we want you to know that we will work to meet you where you are financially. We offer several budget-friendly options such as payment plans with no-interest, adjustable down payments, and flexible monthly payments. It’s important to us that no one has to give up on treatment because they cannot afford it.

Don’t let your financial concerns stop you from dreaming about the right treatment for your smile. You can get a consult in any of our offices — or right from your phone — to find out what your treatment options are. Come on in and let us see how we can reduce your stress!

Smiles By The Bay

We Have The Best Patients!

Happy patients are the best patients! We want to see you smile at every visit!

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