Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen is a system of clear, removable aligners that provide a more convenient (and discreet) way to give your teen the smile they deserve.


What Is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen uses a series of clear aligners — basically, a thin plastic covering or “tray” that fits over your top and/or bottom teeth — to straighten teeth and correct common bite issues.

Each aligner is custom-made with the help of a specialized computer program that takes into account exactly where your teeth are now, and how they need to be moved.

You’ll wear each tray for a week or so, to shift your teeth slightly, and then you’ll go on to the next, which is slightly different. Over time, all of the small movements will add up to a big change!

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Invisalign Teen

Incredible Comfort

Invisalign is made of soft, flexible material that will not irritate the gums and cheeks, like the metal wires and braces often do.

Invisalign Teen

Improved Oral Hygiene

Because clear aligners can be removed, your teen will be able to clean their teeth much more easily than if he or she were wearing metal braces.

Invisalign Teen

No Food Restrictions

There are NO food restrictions with Invisalign! So you can still bite into an apple or a crispy pizza crust. Just pop out your aligners and brush after eating.

How Does Invisalign Teen Work?

Invisalign Teen clear aligners work in much the same way that traditional braces do: by applying carefully controlled force to teeth to move them into a better position. But instead of metal, they are made of clear, flexible plastic. We use specialized computer software to design a precise plan for moving your teeth from their current positions into the best possible alignment.

Invisalign Teen aligners come equipped with “compliance indicators” located on the aligners themselves. These colored dots fade over time as the aligners are worn in the mouth, showing whether or not your teen has followed the plan. Aligners made especially for teens also come with “eruption tabs” built in, which means they are designed to hold space for permanent teeth that have not yet fully erupted.

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