Oh my goodness! My entire family adores Dr. Trahar and her staff! My husband and I both got braces in our late 30s. It was a busy time for us. We had a toddler and a baby on the way. On top of that, Annapolis is not particularly convenient for us because we live in Baltimore City. After meeting Dr. Trahar, Joanne and Ailsa, we knew that we were going to enjoy the relationship, and we decided to commit to her practice. Everyone was so kind, friendly and baby-friendly! The office is so beautiful and welcoming. The ladies take such care to make everyone feel comfortable. I especially like the chalkboard that welcomes new patients and the kiddie corner. My daughters accompanied us regularly on our visits. Our girls always felt welcome, not merely tolerated. They loved the plaster casts of their hands that Dr. Trahar made for them. They loved to sit on the big chairs and look at the different colors of rubber bands. (Not surprisingly, their first trips to their pediatric dentist were a piece of cake!) I am so glad that they have good memories of Dr. Trahar's office because they will likely be patients in the future. I will gladly entrust them to Dr. Trahar's care. She has such a thoughtful, thorough and gentle approach. Most importantly, the results are fantastic! My husband and I have beautiful smiles. From a functional standpoint, our dentist could not be more pleased with the results, too. I'm glad that our braces are off, but I do miss visiting the office. Well, we will see you in a few years!

Susan and Andre

Please thank Dr. Trahar for me. We have been trying to determine a diagnosis for Khalil since he was born. It's been 11 years. He's been seen by more doctors than I can count. He's had countless surgeries, and no one ever stopped long enough to really look into what was going on with him. It has been extremely frustrating, but we figured it was par for the course. Your team has been a breath of fresh air. Thank you for directing us to someone who is able to give us a clear understanding of Khalil's diagnosis and determine the necessary steps for his treatment. You have no idea how much we really appreciate this. Thank you again. God bless!

Andrea (Mom of Khalil)

You might think that taking a child to the orthodontist would be a chore. But in the case of Dr. Trahar and Smiles by the Bay, it's a pleasure! The waiting room is sunny and comfortable, and everyone on the staff is so pleasant that I feel as if I've stopped by to visit friends. Even my daughter, who is the one who actually has to have her braces adjusted, agrees that it is the nicest possible place in which to go through that experience. And her teeth look beautiful! And, what other office would have been as willing to work with her on her original alpaca-related retainer designs?


I was so excited when my mom told me I had an orthodontist appointment with Dr. Trahar. My brother, Jack, has been going to Dr. Trahar for a while now, and I like going with him because the people there are so nice and the office is really pretty. I'm only 8, but can't wait to get braces because I know Dr. Trahar will be nice to me, too!


I believe your office should be recognized for reaching out to families in your area. We became aware of Dr. Trahar’s office when she offered a certificate for her services to Mayo Elementary School for auction. We bid and won. That was our first child, Dougie. Now you’re working on our second child, Sydney, with great results so far. The staff is always calling and texting reminders for appointments. They know children by name and ALWAYS make them comfortable. It is an extremely clean and beautiful office and waiting area with all the latest and good reading magazines. All these little things add up when you are going to any medical type offices for a number of years. Dr. Trahar has a great office, staff and I would recommend her to anyone I know whom needed her services. It's top notch, and maybe I should have said this long ago. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday.

Doug & Cathleen

Dr. Mary Trahar is a competent, professional, but also friendly orthodontist who is entertaining and interested in each patient; and she has a treasure trove of wonderful stories and ideas to share and wants to hear your story, too. What fun to be her patient! The staff is welcoming and friendly each time you are there. They always remember your name and when they have learned about your interests and doings will follow-up on them, even after you've finished treatment. The atmosphere of the office is cheery and informally lovely with lots of current magazine issues, vases of fresh flowers, and a décor to enjoy and inspire you. Whether you are an adult, young or older, or a child you will be treated to a dazzling orthodontic as well as personal experience.


My wife at age 70 had never had orthodontic work and went to Dr. Trahar. She was so pleased that I decided to go myself and am nearing completion using Invisalign®. Not only was I impressed by the initial workup, but I've always been warmly welcomed by Dr. Trahar and her staff. I'm going to miss going so often when my treatment is done. It will be like missing old friends.


Every time I have a conversation about braces, I always say, "We have a great orthodontist office!" The entire staff goes the extra step to make patients not feel like patients but friends and family. When I talk about our very first visit to the office and Colin's name on the chalkboard welcoming him, the reaction is always the same... IMPRESSED, just like us!


Dr. Trahar is the best orthodontist because she is intelligent, kind, caring, gentle, silly, cool and spends lots of time explaining everything to me! Girl power!!!!

Sydney, age 10

Dr. Trahar, you are an awesome orthodontist. You always make me feel comfortable, and you are very, very, very nice. Everyone in the office is so friendly, and they make it fun to go in for a check-up.

Jetta, age 8

Dr. Trahar and her staff are so polite and kind! They always ask how my day was, and when they do, I can tell they actually care about what I say back and listen to what I have to say. I really do love going.


Austin and Bella just completed their first visit with Dr. Trahar. Her marvelous staff embraced them with generosity, sincerity and entertainment. Top-notch service – first class all the way! Thank you!